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The 51st anniversary of Pride this year commemorates and celebrates LGBTQ+ activism, acceptance, and culture throughout history. The KC Group’s Divisional Director, Michael Hobbs, explains what Pride means to him and how we support and advocate for inclusivity.

Every person’s definition of pride is different, but for me, it is a time to celebrate, reflect, and grow. We realise that meaningful support should go beyond a rainbow logo displayed once a year to promote inclusion in our own workplaces.

At work, we want everyone to feel comfortable and confident to be themselves. However, we also understand that not every LGBTQ+ person feels supported by their employer. As a society, we have made significant progress toward achieving many of the goals of the Stonewall Riots in 1969, but Stonewall and YouGov report that much more progress must be made before every LGBTQ+ person feels accepted for who they are at work.

A sense of authenticity

I am extremely proud that at The KC Group we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be themselves, and we make equality, inclusion, and diversity a priority throughout the year. We strive to understand the complex issues facing the LGBTQ+ community. Above all else, we strive to ensure that our employees feel included, supported, and heard, supported by our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Taking part in Pride allows us to have a powerful conversation with our people, our partners, and our communities about these issues. Besides demonstrating our commitment to diversity and inclusion, it also demonstrates how we listen to and implement employee feedback, facilitates a sense of community and support within the organisation, and helps us avoid mistakes that alienate and frustrate LGBTQ+ individuals.

Michael Hobbs - The KC Group

Michael Hobbs – The KC Group

Inclusivity in action

Our goal is to provide a safe environment where employees can express concerns, opinions, and feedback about issues at work and outside the workplace. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, this can be anything from feeling overlooked or overlooked for promotion to having to pretend or not be their authentic self.

The power of love and acceptance

Friendship, love, and acceptance are at the heart of pride. This is about being proud of who you are, no matter how you identify. However, many LGBT employees, particularly trans people, still face anti-LGBT discrimination and bullying at work. I believe that being inclusive is also about feeling comfortable speaking to their managers, their colleagues, and the person they sit next to. The key to achieving this goal is education and awareness.

Join the celebration

Across the world, Pride Month is celebrated throughout the summer, and as a truly inclusive business, we choose to celebrate Pride year round.

Embracing acceptance and tolerance is at the heart of Pride, so although we tread carefully, we are also proud to test boundaries and open a dialogue, just as Stonewall protestors did 51 years ago.

Our bespoke Diversity and Inclusion Cycle has been designed to provide transparency and support to clients and candidates alike.  We regularly partner with our clients HR teams to deliver D&I workshops and training sharing our experiences on best practice.  We believe in open communication and working together to create positive change.

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