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No matter the industry or the role you choose to work in, be it helping passengers reach their destination in the transport sector or analysing data in financial services, one key aspect to consider are the workplace benefits it provides.


Not only are workplace benefits vitally important for boosting company and job appeal, but they also provide the peace of mind you need to relax when needing to take time off.

In some cases, work benefits can even provide you with the health and lifestyle assistance that might not be available to you otherwise.

But while any business worth their salt will offer you some form of workplace benefits, which specific UK companies and industries provide the best benefit variety for their employees?

To find out, the teams at Reassured used Glassdoor to analyse just how many work benefits are offered by some of the UK’s top businesses, as well as which industries provide the most benefits to their employees.

They also explored what the most common types of work benefits offered are; all so you know where to begin looking the next time you start job-hunting.

Which UK industry provides the highest number of benefits?

Which UK industry provides the highest number of benefits?

Now that we’ve looked at which specific businesses provide the greatest number of benefits to their employees, it’s time to look at which industries offer the highest average of job benefits overall.

Based on our findings, and perhaps coming as a surprise to many, the leading industry for workplace benefits was actually the Service industry.

With a mean average of 37.8 benefits offered per business, this puts the Service industry 2.6 benefits higher than the Transport sector, which came in second with a mean of 35.2 benefits.

As for our third-place spot, this was taken by the Manufacturing industry, which has a benefit mean of 27.1. This is despite no transport companies appearing in our top business listings, and possibly hinting that many companies in this sector at least offer a reasonable number of benefits.

Taking up our fourth and fifth positions were the Digital industry and Financial sectors.

While both contained high-scoring companies for specific benefit totals, these industries only delivered a benefit average of 26.2 and 25.9 respectively, which may indicate a wider spread of benefit availability overall, depending on the businesses in question.

What are the most common benefits offered?

  1. Enhanced maternity & paternity leave
  2. Vacation & paid time off
  3. Health insurance
  4. Sick days
  5. Bereavement leave

Finally, let’s look at which benefits were the most common for employers to offer their employees.

Naturally, and no doubt appreciated by many, the most common benefit to appear across our list was maternity and paternity leave, offered by 53 of the companies we studied.

This was then closely followed by vacation and paid time off, which was provided by 49 businesses on our list.

Health insurance, sick days, bereavement leave, and job training were all also offered by a wide selection of companies, reaching a total of 48.

As a result of changing work practices in recent years, at least 45 businesses actively offered working from home as a benefit.

Interestingly, while 39 workplaces stated they provide a selection of mental health care services, something that is not always that common, only 22 of the businesses we looked at had a pension plan, and just 13 had an equal pay policy.

With this information to hand, you should now have a better idea of what companies and industries to look out for should you decide to make benefits a priority when searching for a new career.

However, it’s important to note that not all companies have the means to provide the same benefits as others, especially if they’re smaller, independent, local businesses.


Reassured sourced the top companies from Glassdoor within the industries of transport, manufacturing, public sector, media, biotechnology, service industry, digital, finance, engineering and consulting.

Reassured then looked at each company on Glassdoor to find the benefits they provided before ranking them and finding the average number of benefits for each industry.

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