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Let’s turn Blue Monday into Brew Monday! ☕️

Remember to reach out and have a brew with a trusted person in your life – talking helps!

Monday 15th January marks Blue Monday, a day deemed one of the most depressing of the year. The month of January is often a tough one, and it’s not surprising that it is the peak period for absences and stress at work, resulting in low morale and productivity. An employer’s ability to maintain a positive work environment, sustain productivity, and reduce absenteeism relies on understanding and addressing the January blues.

In order to make Blue Monday less blue, employers can do a lot of things. To help them overcome Blue Monday and the month of January, KC Group has put together a series of top tips for employers.

1. Make employees feel engaged

Empower employees to feel integrated into the organisations plans for the coming year. Consider taking time to discuss individual plans with employees, including some short-term goals that will motivate them in the immediate term and help them start 2024 off on the right foot.

2. Remember and celebrate the accomplishments of the past

A review of the previous year’s accomplishments can be a powerful tool in motivating employees and boosting morale throughout January. In addition to reinforcing a sense of purpose and continuity, recognising success strengthens team bonds and sets benchmarks for the year ahead. Employees can be inspired to aim for the same in 2024 with this act of reflection.

3. Demonstrate sensitivity

This is a good time to check in with your employees. January may be causing some people to feel fed-up, but many others may be suffering from more serious problems. Keep an eye out for signs of mental illness, encourage them to speak, and refer them to mental health first aiders or external support resources.

4. Demonstrate leadership

There is no doubt that some managers, HR professionals, or organisation leaders can suffer from the January blues themselves, which can make encouraging their employees to remain upbeat particularly challenging. It can, however, help them feel more positive if they strive to set a positive tone in the workplace.

5. It’s the little things that count

A few small tweaks can have a positive impact on the workplace in January. Provide healthy snacks in the staff room or offer a care package to remote employees – these suggestions don’t need to be costly.

6. Promote healthy habits

Blue Monday is a good time to focus on employee wellbeing in general. Encourage staff to take regular breaks away from their desks and go outside for lunch in order to maintain their health and wellness.

7. Make a holiday plan

Employees should be informed about their holiday entitlements for the coming year by employers who set up holiday calendars. A good time to remind employees about holiday request procedures and absence policies is now.

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