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True inclusivity cannot be achieved without leadership. To achieve these benefits, real action is required.

As KC Group followers will know, there have been many studies over the past few years that have shown very clearly that diverse companies have better outcomes than those that are less inclusive, such as ensuring employee engagement, commitment, and wellbeing.

There is a direct link between inclusive leadership and psychological safety in the workplace, as well as lower psychological distress. We can also create a psychologically safe workplace by supporting inclusive leadership, which recognises each individual’s uniqueness while maintaining their sense of belonging.

In addition, we are seeing more and more business leaders from multi-ethnic backgrounds. Many companies are fortunate enough to have people at the top with the skills to promote diversity.

Most people, however, are not likely to experience this.

In spite of this, there are many aspects of a business, not least the recruitment policies, that work unconsciously against inclusion.

There is no doubt that many efforts to improve inclusivity will fail unless you have people at the top who recognise and act on these unintentional but damaging practices.

Business benefits from diversity as well

Real diversity suffers when organisations can’t ‘walk the talk’ on inclusion. It is more likely for organisations with low inclusion and diversity to struggle to attract diverse workers, as well as to have higher turnover rates overall. Cultures that are more inclusive and diverse ensure, for example, increased performance, creativity, and problem solving.

By identifying and developing new markets and products, inclusive leadership can also add value indirectly on the bottom line.

In order to reach those markets effectively, businesses must reflect the diversity and inclusivity of their target audiences. Consumers, regardless of their background, are quick to recognise companies that claim to be diverse or inclusive when they aren’t. Take the ‘Green Agenda’ as an example. The attempts of numerous firms to portray themselves as eco-friendly have proven to be nothing but a waste of time. Under scrutiny, efforts to trumpet diversity and inclusivity turn out to be empty and hollow.

Top-down inclusivity is the key to true inclusion

Therefore, it’s easy to see why many companies are eager to demonstrate their inclusive credentials. In addition to outperforming their competitors, they gain a far broader base of customers and employees. However, employees will also see through attempts to practice inclusivity which are little more than warm and welcoming slogans on a company website, just as consumers are not easily fooled.

The best way to build an organisation that is truly diverse – and thereby take advantage of many of the outcomes and opportunities we have discussed here – is to start from the top.

The only way to produce a more diverse workforce is by having inclusive leaders who are committed, satisfied with their roles, believe in the organisation, and are better positioned to deliver the revenue you need to outgrow your mono-cultural, less diverse competitors, because they realise how much their organisations value them.

Where can you learn the skills to lead inclusively?

Leadership tips for inclusiveness

The British Psychological Society (BPS) can be helpful in this regard. The Inclusive Leadership CPD course is designed to help you explore your own leadership approach. Just what are your leadership styles, for instance? In what ways can these be applied practically? Learn more about inclusive leadership and improve your existing skills.

Diverse businesses are undoubtedly more profitable and have lower turnover than their non-inclusive counterparts – and on all measures. However, real leadership is required.

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