Business Support Jobs and Admin Jobs in Solihull

At The KC Group, our dedicated recruitment team is committed to connecting professionals with the perfect business support jobs and admin jobs in Solihull. Whether you are looking for your next business support role or want to post a job opening, we are here to help.

We offer a broad spectrum of business support jobs and admin jobs in Solihull, catering to professionals with all levels of experience. Our business support job opportunities include:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Recruitment Business Partner
  • Legal Secretary
  • Recruitment Coordinator
  • Logistics Coordinator

With over 25 years of experience, we are one of the top trusted recruitment agencies in Solihull to connect professionals with the next step in their career progression. We are also pleased to offer a range of other career opportunities, including: Finance, HR and Payroll.

Why choose admin jobs in Solihull?

The KC Group is committed to helping you find full-time business support jobs or part-time admin jobs in Solihull, a prime location which offers a multitude of benefits for both recruiters and job seekers. One of the main draws of Solihull is the sheer concentration of opportunities. The presence of established companies like PwC and Wesleyan has transformed Solihull into a bustling hub of admin career opportunities.

Solihull’s advantageous transport links include excellent road and rail connections which ensure easy accessibility, broadening the reach for businesses and expanding job options for professionals.

Business support jobs near Solihull

The attraction of Solihull as a hub for business support jobs extends beyond just the centre of Solihull. Neighbouring regions also provide business support job opportunities for ambitious professionals.

Shirley, a 10-minute drive from Solihull, has emerged as a promising landscape for business support jobs. With a growing array of businesses across diverse sectors, Shirley requires professionals seeking business support jobs.

Hockley Heath is another hotspot in the area, teeming with business support jobs. Its rich tapestry of established businesses and emerging startups create a thriving business environment that welcomes professionals at all stages of their careers. The dynamic market for business support jobs in Hockley Heath continually generates new positions, offering many opportunities within the business support sector.

Building a Career with Admin Jobs in Solihull

Embarking on a career in business support jobs and admin jobs in Solihull signifies more than just securing a job; it’s about embarking on a career journey. At The KC Group, we are dedicated to supporting you through every phase of your career progression journey. By facilitating connections between business support professionals and businesses in Solihull, we contribute significantly to the growth and development of the business support job sector while simultaneously aiding in your career development.

Solihull offers a thriving environment for career development, mainly due to the presence of businesses ranging from large-scale organisations to smaller-scale startups. These businesses provide enriching opportunities to gain invaluable experience, allowing you to enhance your own skills, knowledge, and professional network.

If you’re aiming to build a robust career with business support jobs or admin jobs in Solihull, The KC Group can help you find the perfect position.

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