Jobs in Solihull

At KC Group, we are committed to fulfilling the recruitment needs of both companies and job seekers in Solihull. Our dedicated recruitment team works closely with businesses to provide them with top-quality candidates while also offering a wide range of job sections for skilled individuals to choose from.

Every business has unique recruitment requirements, which is why we customise our services to meet their specific needs. Similarly, our job seekers have diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and career goals. Thus, we offer job opportunities in different fields, including Finance, Payroll, HR, and Business Support, to ensure everyone finds the right fit!

The Types of Jobs in Solihull

At KC Group Recruitment, our vast network of skilled prospective employees and great business opportunities combine to make an exciting approach to finding the perfect jobs in Solihull for you! Whether you’re searching for interim HR in Solihull or interim accountancy in Solihull positions, finance or admin jobs in Solihull, payroll or full time jobs in Solihull, we have an extensive range of vacancies available to suit your career aspirations.

Finance Jobs in Solihull:

We feature Finance jobs in Solihull for skilled people looking for great opportunities, including qualified accountants and finance managers. Our goal is to connect skilled finance professionals with businesses in the area who are seeking their expertise.

Payroll Jobs in Solihull:

Our Payroll Jobs in Solihull section on KC Group offers a range of positions for payroll professionals, including interim roles and full time jobs in Solihull. We work closely with businesses in Solihull to match talented payroll professionals with their next job opportunity.

HR Jobs in Solihull:

Our HR Jobs in Solihull section provides a variety of job opportunities in interim HR in Solihull, in management and recruitment. Our team works diligently to match skilled HR professionals with businesses in the Solihull area seeking their expertise.

Business Support Jobs in Solihull:

Our Business Support Jobs section on KC Group offers a wide range of admin jobs in Solihull and business support roles for job seekers in Solihull. Our team collaborates with businesses in the area to provide the best job opportunities suitable for the skills and experience of the job seekers.

Featured Jobs in Solihull

Recruitment Agencies in Solihull – You Choose

Here at the KC Group, we pride ourselves on our punctuality, and our dedication to helping anyone and everyone find the best job for them! We always try to put our best foot forward and respond quickly with opportunities tailored to fit your skill set and needs.

Amazing company. Had signed up with various agencies and found myself chasing them all. However, Kate and Co always tried their very best. (customer review Megan Downes)

Here in Solihull, we are matched by other recruitment agencies, many of whom provide excellent services. With this healthy and friendly competition, we are able to hone our own craft to make it as good as it can be, and through this, better serve the job seekers and the companies looking to hire!

Facilities in Solihull

Solihull is home to a wide variety of facilities all across the city, from gyms to restaurants and eateries and to a whole variety of other public buildings. We are lucky to work in and around a number of wonderful places we have easy access to, and that’s just on our own high street; you are sure to find many similar places near whatever jobs in Solihull you take! Check out a few of our favourites just near us:

Foods/Drinks Establishments:

The Fat Sandwich Company: Perfect for a quick lunch, this place makes some of the best delicatessen lunch sandwiches, perfect for quickly grabbing ner the office!

Carluccio’s: If we want to feel fancy, we can always stop by Carluccio’s for a lovely Italian meal, but even just a nice coffee (or any other drink) is great over lunch!

Entertainment and other public buildings:

The Core Theatre: Perfectly situated near us, this theatre puts on excellent plays and performances regularly, there is always something for everyone there!

The Core Library: Looking for a good book or a calming reading space? The Core library is the perfect little spot for reading up on whatever catches your interest!

Utility Places:

There’s a variety of useful shops and services all around us, such as Smiggle, a West Midlands Cycle Hire, and the Pocket Geek Tech Repair Shop, all of which make working and commuting in Solihull that much easier!

Solihull Transport Links

Solihull is a modern, vibrant place with a highly developed public transport system, as well as extensive general transport infrastructure; check out the options we recommend below to find out what is best for you!

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With the diversity of skills and the increasing demands of today’s businesses we also understand that careful and accurate job matching is essential. Our team of expert consultants are committed to putting in the time and effort required to understand your needs and help you find your perfect match. Please visit our client's page for more detailed information about our approach. Alternatively, reach out through our contact form.