Business Support

At KC Group, we understand that behind every successful business is a powerful team of support staff.

Not only do we recognise this, but we celebrate it. 

With over 200 years combined recruitment experience in this area, KC Group is committed to sourcing and delivering the very best talent in the Business Support space. Our team of Business Support specialists have successfully built a valuable network of top quality candidates

Kirsty Chan

Head of Business Support

Michael Hobbs

Head of Temporary and Contract Recruitment

Jordanna Vaughn

Business Support Recruitment Partner

Faye Willock

Temporaries Recruitment Partner

Isobel Jennings

Temporaries Recruitment Partner

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With the diversity of skills and the increasing demands of today’s businesses we also understand that careful and accurate job matching is essential. Our team of expert consultants are committed to putting in the time and effort required to understand your needs and help you find your perfect match.