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A report by HR magazine and HR software developer Cornerstone has revealed how people leaders are adapting to the changing world of work and HR in 2024.

The survey revealed the challenges that people leaders are facing, and how to tackle them. The resulting infographic includes insights about how HR can increase talent mobility in the year ahead, foster bias-free recruitment and exploit advances in AI.

Talent mobility

As retaining talent continues to be an issue, the survey looked at how HR in 2024 can promote and develop talent within their organisations, asking HR whether they have an ‘internal employees first’ recruitment strategy. It also gives data-based insights into the common pitfalls for HR in 2024 when trying to increase its talent mobility.

Learning and development

Training, learning and development (L&D) are important for organisational growth, so the survey quantified how many HR teams are using L&D programmes to drive performance improvements.

For HR in 2024 to improve on its L&D offering, even in situations where resources are limited, Perry Timms, founder of People and Transformational HR, said that HR should focus on flexibility and data. He advised HR to “adapt, and capture what is being learnt.”

Offering further advice about how to improve L&D, Liz Sebag-Montefiore, director of 10Eighty, said: “Use flexible learning systems, micro-learning, animation and gamification. Personalisation keeps employees engaged.”

Career progression

Building a diverse workforce means creating a bias-free recruitment process. The survey asked how HR could ensure that this is continued throughout an employee’s career.

Suki Roath, head of talent acquisition at Avask, offered five pillars for what HR should implement to ensure that employees continue to grow and develop: establish clear development objectives; encourage empathy and active listening; provide constructive feedback; emphasise career pathing and mobility; and leverage technology for development.

Recruitment process

Career growth and mobility prospects can be used as a brilliant recruitment tool. The survey asked HR about the best way to do so, with insights from Olivia Machell, senior learning and development consultant at Spencer Ogden.

Technology advances

As the AI boom continues, the survey also asked how HR professionals in 2024 plan to use new technology to best utilise talent this year. For example, Jon Dawson, group director of people development at Lore Group, said that AI has allowed his HR team in 2024 to become more strategic and less administrative.

To read the full report, click here.


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