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We thought it would be interesting for our clients and candidates to see what our team does during a typical working day and what it is about KC Group that makes it (probably) the best recruitment agency to work for and with!

Rather than talk about the agency in general, we decided to pick on a relatively new member of our recruitment team: Alexia Holman – a recent graduate, former barista and now a Finance Recruitment Partner.

How did you originally come across KC Group? And what were you doing at that time in your career?

Alexia - Finance Recruitment Partner at KC Group“Before KC Group, I was working full time as a Barista Supervisor at Costa Coffee having just left my university degree. I had been wanting to get into recruitment for a long time and was applying for multiple jobs but was never being shortlisted for consideration or interview due to my lack of experience within the sector. I had come across an advert one of my school friends had put on their social media for an administration role and had messaged her to ask if she works within recruitment as I was really trying to get into it but nowhere was giving me a chance. She responded straight away saying she does indeed, and that KC Group were looking for some new recruiters, so I sent my CV straight over. I got a call a couple of days later asking me to come in for a first-stage interview, followed by a second a few days later and was offered the job later that afternoon by Sarah (Sarah Grace, Managing Director), and the rest was history! I was over the moon.”

What attracted you to KC Group and working in recruitment in the first place?

“A close family member of mine has worked in recruitment for 10 years and absolutely loves it. I had been talking to her about it a lot, and whenever we would speak about it, I always thought that it is something I would love to do. I am a real people person, I love meeting new people and getting to know them, and this was a big factor that attracted me to this job as I would be getting to continuously meet and speak to different people from all walks of life. The other main factor that made me want to pursue recruitment was being able to help people into employment or new opportunities. This was really important to me as I wanted a role where I would come home after work and feel like I had helped someone that day. The main thing that attracted me to KC Group was the staff and work environment. From the minute I stepped into the office on my first interview, I knew that it was somewhere I would love to work. I had never felt so welcomed into a new workplace or had people within a work environment be so lovely and kind towards me, it was such a positive and warm atmosphere and really showed they are not just work colleagues but one big family and I really wanted to be a part of that.”

Why do you think you make a good recruitment partner?

“I think the main thing that makes me a good recruiter is my people skills, friendly and empathetic personality, and my love for helping people. Being in a role where I can help people gain a job where they are happy and love what they do is really important and motivating to me as I myself know how important this is for anybody. I really enjoy communicating with people and find building positive and healthy relationships with co-workers, clients, and candidates is key in order to be successful and to be able to help people to the best of my ability. This also enables me to be able to gain as much information as possible about my candidate’s needs, aspirations and motivations, and then I am then able to tailor this to our roles to find the right role for them that not only they will love, but will also match what they’re looking for, whether that be regarding the type of office environment/business they like to work in, career progression opportunities or helping them secure their first role within the finance sector after university/further studies.”

How did you find your specialism in the business?

KC Group at workWhen I first started working at KC Group, I was teamed up with our Finance team leader Dave (David Bristol), to begin with, to start learning about the sector and to see if this would be a right fit for me, and it was! Prior to working at KC Group, I had very little knowledge about the world of Accounts and Finance, and I had to learn on the job via training and self-study to really get to grips with it. It was very daunting at first, but soon enough, after the incredible training I had and the work I had put in to learn about the sector, I began to really enjoy recruiting for this division and have remained on team Finance ever since.

Explain a typical workday

“A typical working day at KC group is never the same (which I love!) and will always present new tasks, priorities, and challenges, but the work environment remains the same, positive, supportive, and full of laughter and fun. Some of my daily duties consist of sourcing new candidates for roles and calling them for an initial conversation about their goals and what they’re looking for in their next role and getting them registered with our agency and responding to emails and phone calls from people who have contacted us looking for work. I then keep a spreadsheet of all our current candidates we have actively looking and make sure this is up to date and catch up with them on updates regarding new job opportunities, interview bookings, interview preparation, interview feedback, job offers and more. I will then help candidates with their CVs to ensure they’re all up to date and will then format them ready to send off to clients. I conduct interview preparation sessions where I will video call our candidates who are booking in for job interviews and go through all preparation with them to ensure they feel confident and happy going into the interview and to answer any questions or concerns they may have. I will type up and upload job adverts to the website and job sites and many other duties.”

What is the biggest difference between working life at KCG and other places you have worked?

“The main difference in my working life working at KC Group compared to other companies is the work environment, staff, and support. I have never worked within a workplace where the staff have been not just work colleagues – but more like one big family and people I now could genuinely not get through life without! Everyone loves, supports, and champions each other through the good times and the bad. This is not just within work either but in everyday life. Whether we have things going on within work or outside of work, the support and care you get from every single member of staff at KC Group is no less than incredible. The environment within the workplace leaves me with a smile on my face every time I go to work in the morning or come home, as no matter what happens, we all stick together, help each other, and have the best days. They have not only helped me realise my skills, strengths and potential but have also given constant positive recognition to myself and everyone else for our work and achievements. Anything we achieve, whether big or small, is always celebrated, which is not only motivating but makes our office such a happy and positive place to be. I have made friends for life at KC Group and value each person there so highly, as does everyone else. We laugh, we cry, we have good days and bad days, but one constant factor remains that we are all a team and a family.”

What surprised you the most about working at KCG?

KC Group team chat“The thing that surprised me the most when coming to work in recruitment at KC Group was just how in-depth and difficult recruitment can be, but also the rewarding feeling and job satisfaction you get from the role. I don’t think anyone realises how tough the industry is until you’ve worked in it due to it being extremely fast-paced and there being so many things to learn and to juggle day to day; organisation and prioritising is key!  I found the feeling of job satisfaction you get from helping people surprising too, as when a candidate gets that job they’ve been working hard for, the feeling you get afterwards knowing you have helped them achieve this, along with the positive thanks and feedback from the candidate really makes the tough times worthwhile, and there really is no feeling quite like it knowing you’ve helped this person. I was also surprised at the level of recognition and appreciation KC Group provide for their staff when they reach their goals and achievements. I had not worked anywhere before where you were praised and recognised so much for doing well in your role and where the staff were so appreciated, and this was a lovely surprise to me too.”

As you may have noticed, Alexia didn’t join our team from a recruitment background. We understand that there is much more to a successful team member than having worked in a particular role before. Getting to know a person and recognising their personal qualities, potential, motivation, and soft skills can be just as important.

Training and development

All new team members receive in-depth training when they first start. The training is structured, self-paced, and is designed to identify strengths and highlight areas where it would be helpful to improve.


KC Group Champions (team members who have in-depth knowledge of our key systems) are always on hand to help with the technical aspects of the job. Being able to navigate a variety of databases, applications and online resources is an essential part of being able to link clients with candidates and vice-versa.

Sharing experience

Training doesn’t just cover how to use the office systems but also provides insight into the world of recruitment through TRN, as well as one-to-one sessions with other members of our team. Team leaders are specialists in their area and share their experiences.

We try to make sure that everyone is continuously developing in their roles, and training is monitored to help with this.

KLC Group phone adviceWorking at KC Group

From the very beginning (when we were known as Kate & Co), we wanted to create a welcoming and inclusive work environment where our team would thrive. It was self-evident that building a team of happy and relaxed people would lead to a successful and sustainable business. And the last 25 years have proved our point.

Flexible working

Our whole team benefits from options of hybrid working and flexible hours that reflect our commitment to everyone’s work-life balance. And we all work from home on Fridays.

Platinum Club

Every month, team members who have excelled are invited into the Platinum Club. Announcement day is always fun (ask us about the Wheel of Fortune when you get in touch) and the benefits are excellent!

KC Group Career Pathway

In any job, it is good to know that, as well as the usual bonus packages and other incentives, there is room to grow. We have two dedicated career pathways that any team member can follow: Business Development and Delivery. Have a look at our Join Us page to find out more.

We are always hiring

At KC Group, we are always looking for exceptional individuals to join our team. If you think you would be a good fit for us (whether you are from a recruitment background or not), please get in touch so we can get to know you.


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